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This is a tumblr for snips, short stories, and updates on any writing. Please, feel free to request a story, or even let me know of any flaws in my writing. I'm opened to many things, but I like to stay where my ability is worth. I cannot write stories on things I know not much about.

Jul 10

Sorry I have not been on as I have been blocked on the next installment of DoLL. I have been on my Roleplaying page, The-Blind-Host as of recently to get some ideas flowing…I hope you’ll continue to follow me with time. Please, be patient with me…thank you.

Apr 17

DoLL -A Durarara!! Story-

                It had finally happened; the strong man of Ikebukuro had fallen ill and wasn’t waking from his rest. He laid there, body still, breath irregular and covered in sweat. He’d looked like he’d been sleeping for some time, but even so, there were dark bags under his eyes. His skin was pale and clammy as he clutched the blankets tightly as if he was fighting with himself about throwing the blankets off or not.

                The younger of the two standing over the pale faced blond shook her head slightly as she looked over at the taller, dreadlocked male next to her, examining the thermometer in her hands before throwing out the disposable tip. She pressed a finger to her glossed lips before twining it in long black locks.

“It’s still 39 degrees… Tom, this isn’t letting up, we need to call an ambulance.” His younger sister looked at him quietly, “I’m no doctor, but Shizuo-chan doesn’t get this sick ever.”

Tom sighed, his sister was right, since he’d started talking to Shizuo, there was never a time were even a cough would bed him like this, “Damnit.” Tom looked at the thermometer as his sister held it to him, “Alright, I’ll call them; try to get that temperature down some. Okay, Salem?”

“You got it.”

                The two of them quickly prepared a bag for the sick man and awaited the sight of the ambulance as they watched their friend struggle silently, fighting to get to his feet to prove he was alright. Tom frowned as he helped the man sit back down carefully, running a hand through his hair to calm him down. If he hadn’t known better, he’d have thought Shizuo crying, but because there were no tears, just a few raspy gasps for air, he dismissed the assumption, leaning the blond to his shoulder.

“You’re gonna be okay, Shizuo.  . . Everything is going to be alright. I promise.”

“Tom-san,” The voice was weak, but audible, “Tom-san, I’m fine, it’s nothing”

“Shizuo, you’re going to a hospital, no questions asked.”

“I’m fine, it’s nothing…”

                He just kept repeating the words as if they were the truth as he was taken away on the stretcher, loosening his grip on Tom’s hand before letting go completely … And for some reason, it left Tom empty as his sister came up beside him and took hold of his arm silently and leaned on it. The man had effected their whole lives, and just like that, he was gone … but it was wrong to speak as if he was already dead he supposed, it was better to speak as if he was going to get better.

                “He’ll be okay, Tom. He’ll be fine. It’s Shizuo Heiwajima, the strong man of Ikebukuro!” Salem smiled weakly, as if trying to assure herself the same thing that he was trying to.

“Yeah, we’ll hear about him throwing things around his hospital room in about a week.”

“Yeah” Salem smiled before letting go of her brother’s hand.


“Shizu-chan is in the hospital?” The informant quirked a brow of amusement, “how interesting, I never suspected that he’d have to go there. I could see him going to a vet, but a hospital? Humans never cease to amaze me. Do they even see that he isn’t one of them?” Standing from his chair he smiled, “I can’t wait to see just how bad Shizu-chan really is. Maybe they might even euthanize him if he’s that sick.” His laughter echoed as he vanished from his flat, sliding on his parka and disappearing into the streets.

He didn’t expect to see the horror that was to unfold in the hospital room.